Welcome to the best place to discover your new private chef.

We provide a bespoke service that is unique to each of our clients. Whether you want a single celebration meal or a complete suite of household services, we scout, select and train the best people to answer your specific requirements.

We draw from a pool of the finest private chefs worldwide, capable of handling any cuisine or style. Our fine dining experts listen to your demands and understand your needs, palate and preferences.

There is no culinary challenge we cannot meet.

Private Yacht Chefs

Whether it's for a privately owned superyacht or a charter, the kitchen on board can make or break any summer or winter voyage at sea! And let's not forget that the crew also deserves a varied and interesting diet while working hard.

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Valentine's Day is a special occasion to celebrate love and create lasting memories. This year, why not go the extra mile and surprise your partner with a unique and intimate dining experience?

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You are what you eat

Our culinary preferences are a window into our unique personalities. Each person has distinct taste buds, resulting in a diverse range of food preferences. Our individual tastes and preferences shape our food choices, creating a personalised culinary journey.

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Full-time private chef in Holland Park London

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