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Diet Chef

We all know how hard it is to diet but imagine how easy it would be if you had your own personal chef who planned your meals, measured out the portions and did all the cooking for you. Galor personal Chef Services is the answer.

Firstly let us explain the term personal chef: a personal chef is a chef who prepares meals for a client in the client's home kitchen, based on the client's needs and personal preferences. It may vary from a one off dinner party to weekly meal planning prepared in one day. In most cases these meals are left packaged in containers and refrigerated or frozen for the client to enjoy later. The personal chef service really is as flexible as you want it to be.

Personal chefs are the affordable alternative to traditional private chefs, you don't need to engage in any contract of employment and it is definitely the more economic option.

Our personal chefs at Galor will learn your special requirements and gather information around your tastes and dietary ambitions. The personal chef will design a customised program. He/she can follow your style of diet and recipes if you wish ie. Macrobiotic, Atkins and the likes. It really is the perfect way to get your healthy eating plan in action and start seeing the results you want.

Sports Nutrition

An athletes best tool is his/her body, and athletes in particular feel first-hand how diet can directly affect energy levels and performance. Whether they are fit football players or bulking bodybuilders, our professional chefs at Galor work directly with high-performing athletes to design performance-enhancing, nutritious meals that foster an athletic, sports-nutrition based lifestyle.

Galor’s chefs can provide healthier meal options and a balanced diet that is specific and pleasing to the athlete’s regime. Our private chefs offer personal culinary experiences, and Galor consistently meets the needs of top-performing athletes by providing the right kind of chef for the right kind of athlete. Athletes recognise that both exercise and diet are crucial to successful athletic performance, which is why more and more turn to personalised chefs, like those at Galor, to help them optimise their overall health and reach their maximum, athletic potential.

Mum & Baby

Along side the excitement, happiness and joy, pregnancy brings a busy time of preparing for baby's arrival, which can be stressful. Shopping, cooking and cleaning is time consuming and there is just so much to consider.

Our personal chefs save you having to make food every day and it also helps you to make sure you and your family are eating a healthy, balanced diet with meals tailored to your needs. Our chefs use only organic and all natural ingredients.

This service is perfect for pregnant women and new parents, and helps get you on the right road for long-term health. When you hire a personal chef the fresh, fully cooked meals are packaged and labeled with heating and serving instructions ready for you to eat. Our job is to insure that you are eating healthy before, during, and after pregnancy.

Making healthy adjustments to your diet

Eating a varied and balanced diet will give you the energy and nutrients you need for a healthy pregnancy. It also will be one of the biggest gifts you can ever give your baby, providing them with a firm foundation for future health and well being.

Cancer Fighting

Our ancestors knew it and so it seems, we are returning to that train of thought after the genetically modified, diet-supplemented, over refined path that the food business was wandering down.

From feeding ourselves a sensibly nutritionally balanced day-to-day diet, to preventing medical conditions and illnesses by fuelling the body with the nutritional ammunition it needs to fight them off and restore good health, chefs and scientists around the world are creating step by step nutritionally prescriptive diets with ingredients whose natural properties have incredibly positive effects on the body in the combat against illnesses such as cancer or conditions such as diabetes and thyroid deficiencies.

Nutrient dense, unrefined, fresh ingredients are the core components to this science. Using the resources our planet has so abundantly provided in its most natural state, has proved to be the fuel our bodies thrive on when it comes to feeding it.

Whether seeking a healthier lifestyle, preventing against illness or treating an existing condition, Galor Private and Personal Chefs can provide delicious, gourmet meals with maximum nutritional benefit.

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