Our food philosophy

We are always looking for quality, the best quality service and the best quality in our people. At Galor our personal chefs only use the freshest organic ingredients with a big emphasis on seasonal and local produce. We love food and we love what we do, we know that food can bring people closer in a way that few other activities can, so for us bringing the family and friends together means everything.

We believe that if you eat well you feel well, so food for us needs to be nutritious, delicious and well-presented. mindful eating is key.

We have a great passion for food and innovation using various cooking techniques and staying current. Galor strives to go green in day-to-day business operations, so being environmentally friendly is highly important to us, zero waste and eco-friendly packaging are on our list of priorities. We are committed to the art of perfecting the craft of cooking.


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Our latest Jobs

Private chef in  Belgravia



Personal chef to cook on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day



Travelling Private Chef needed

Predominantly to Switzerland, UK and UAE. 


Full time private chef needed.

Notting Hill


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