We are what we eat.

We are what we eat.

Our ancestors knew it and, so it seems, we are returning to that train of thought after the genetically modified, diet-supplemented, over refined path that the food business was wandering down.

From feeding ourselves a sensibly nutritionally balanced day-to-day diet, to preventing medical conditions and illnesses by fuelling the body with the nutritional ammunition it needs to fight them off and restore good health, chefs and scientists around the world are creating step by step nutritionally prescriptive diets with ingredients whose natural properties have incredibly positive effects on the body in the combat against illnesses such as cancer or conditions such as diabetes and thyroid deficiencies.

Nutrient dense, unrefined, fresh ingredients are the core components to this science. Using the resources our planet has so abundantly provided in its most natural state has proved to be the fuel our bodies thrive on when it comes to feeding it.

Galor’s Chef Vanderlei Rodrigues Borges, a Brazilian chef with global credits, has been researching how what we eat can help our healthy body cells prevent cancerous cells developing and spreading.

“Normal body cells grow and divide and know to stop growing. Over time, they also die. Cancer occurs when abnormal cells grow and spread very quickly. Unlike normal cells, cancer cells just continue to grow and divide out of control and do not die when they are supposed to.

There is much we can do to help boost our body's natural capacity to combat cancer. The right diet can help reduce and stop this abnormal growing of cancer cells, states the kidshealth.org website. Everything we eat and drink changes the chemistry of our body. Eating well provides more than nourishment, it can offer huge positive psychological effects, and it can help prevent cancer and it can help with cancer treatment. Eating a plant-based diet is a must.

Working as a chef for 15 years, in Brazil, France and England, and lately with a cancer patient, I have seen incredible results through treatment with healthy and nutritious food. In addition to being healthy, food must also be appealing and tasty. When you step into a kitchen to cook for someone with cancer, you really want them to like the food.”

Borges, is one of a stable of intelligent, boundary-pushing chefs available for private hire through Galor Personal Chef Service, a London based, but global reaching, bespoke service founded and run by Yuda Galor, himself an experienced professional chef. His team comprise highly trained, multi-skilled professionals who will create long term diets and menu plans to cater for clients with specific requirements; food allergies, salt intake reduction, diabetes management, nutritional optimisation to fight against cancer, or to support a specific fitness goal.

Whether seeking a healthier lifestyle, preventing against illness or treating an existing condition, Galor Private and Personal Chefs can provide delicious, gourmet meals with maximum nutritional benefit.


See below for Chef Borges ‘fight against cancer’ recipe

Raw Nuts, Banana cream, Coconut yogurt and Red Berries Tart



1 cup of raw cashew nuts

½ cup of raw Brazil nuts

4 pitted Medjool dates

1 tablespoon of 100% cocoa powder

2 tablespoons of cold water

Filling 1st layer

2 very ripe bananas

2 tablespoons of raw Manuka honey

1 tablespoon of cinnamon

Filling 2nd layer

6 tablespoons of coconut yogurt

½ vanilla bean scraped


1 cup of raspberries

½ cup of blueberries

1 cup of strawberries



To make the base: process the cashew and Brazil nuts in your food processor until it becomes crumbs, add the Medjool dates and cold water, process again until the mixture sticks together. Cover a 20cm springform cake pan with non-stick baking paper, then press the mixture into the bottom and the sides of the prepared pan, nicely and evenly. Place the pan into the freezer to rest while you prepare the fillings.

For the 1st filling

To make the banana cream: blend together the bananas, Manuka honey and cinnamon for about 40 seconds. Ready, that was quick! Pour the cream into the tart base, put it back in the freezer and go to the next step.

For the 2nd filling and topping

To make the coconut yogurt: cut the half vanilla bean lengthwise, scrape the back of the knife down the cut, transfer the vanilla bean seeds to the coconut yogurt and mix it well with a spoon. Remove the tart from the freezer and add the 2nd filling, make sure to cover the banana cream completely and top with the berries.

It takes only 15 minutes to prepare it, if you don’t want to be fussy about the berries presentation! Keep it refrigerated for at least 2 hours before serving. It is easy, delicious and nutritious!

Serves 4

Bon appétit!


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