Food and Mood

Food and Mood

This month we explore the relationship between what you eat and how you feel. The need for effective approaches to understanding and improving mental health has never been greater. 2020 was a year of Herculean challenges, some of which have undeniably left their mark on our psyche.

Eating a diet that is well-rounded and nutrient-rich can help to improve mood, increase energy levels and help you think clearer. Evidence suggests that nutrition may play an important role in the prevention, development and management of diagnosed mental health problems including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and dementia.

Diet is a great way of active self-care and self-love. We've brought together our top tips for maintaining a good mood with the help of food.

Mood and Food, here are our recommendations

A whole foods way of eating - Keeping your blood sugar stable is key. Using fresh ingredients, healthy fats, whole grains, lots of vegetables, nuts and seeds, beans and pulses.

Looking after your gut - For healthy digestion you need to have plenty of fibre, fluid and exercise regularly.

Little and often - Try eating smaller portions spaced out more regularly throughout the day.

Cacao is incredible for mental health issues - this superfood is actually very beneficial for regulating neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and serotonin etc.. that dictate your mood.

Bring your family back to the table - Dinner time is not just about nutritional value, it's an important tradition that can help you and your family slow down, relax and reconnect, without distractions.

Go the extra mile - Hire a personal chef to cook for you and your family, this way you will have amazing mind-boosting meals, your meals will be prepared from scratch everyday leaving you the time to focus on what is important for you.


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