Tips for creating a Michelin restaurant ambience at home

Here, Alexandra Davies from premium appliance providers Britannia Living offers her advice for pulling off that almost inimitable restaurant atmosphere.

Brits spend over £49 billion a year eating out of the house, and that figure is only getting higher. This increase is simply a result of people eating out more often, and not rising prices, so it's safe to say that we love a good restaurant.

It's easy to see why we do, as the best eateries have it all: socialising, award-winning food and, perhaps most importantly of all, atmosphere. As a result, many people are attempting to bring that restaurant ambiance into their homes. So, below I'll be taking you through some of the best ways to recreate that je ne sais quoi for yourself.

Sensory atmosphere

A good atmosphere is made up of lots of different elements that appeal to all five of your senses. For example, auditory stimulation can come from putting on some light background music while you eat. in terms of visual stimuli, using multiple dim lights such as lamps and candles rather than one bright light source add a depth of different tones that can really set the mood.

Fresh herbs and flowers, whether they're centrepieces or background décor, are both aesthetically pleasing and heavily scented, so they provide double the sensory experience. If you can, look for plants with colours and fragrances that complement the dish you will be making that evening.

Equipment and resources

It stands to reason that you can't produce restaurant-quality food without top of the range equipment. Make sure your utensils, gadgets and appliances are premium standard from trusted suppliers and have been properly cleaned and maintained. That way, your cooking can be as precise as possible.

To plan an impressive meal, take inspiration from your favourite restaurants or choose some extra special recipes that you've been dying to try. Remember to use the highest quality ingredients and creative presentation to give your food that Michelin polish.

Table setting and ware

The secret to a good table plan is to make sure you have everything you will need to hand without having to get up from the table, while also making sure there is sufficient space for you to enjoy your meal. Most tables in formal restaurants will have the following:


•Decorative table mats

•Folded cloth napkins

•Fine plates and cutlery

•Water and the appropriate wine glasses

For Michelin-standard table settings, remove the centrepieces just before serving so that you can focus on the quality of your food without distraction.

These are just some of the ways you can provide a Michelin standard atmosphere without leaving your home.


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