A Recipe for Organised Living for Home Offices

Each room in a household has defined purpose and importance. The bedroom - a place of sleep and tranquility; the kitchen - a place of hearth and nourishment. We often think of the home office as the household's headquarters.

Most likely this is where you keep financial, legal, tax and other important documents, as well as look after household admin. Perhaps you run a business here as well. Therefore a working space that is streamlined, orderly and inspiring is of utmost importance.

Here are 7 tips to get your home office ship-shape.

  1. Clear the Clutter - Streamline. Remove anything that is obsolete, superfluous or non-work related. Invest in a good quality shredder for documents with sensitive information.
  2. Logical Layout - Ensure your desk, file cabinets, printer and bookcases are positioned logically and that you can move easily from one area to the next. Anything you need should have unobstructed access, and keep frequently used items to hand.
  3. Bare Essentials - When it comes to your desktop, think simplicity. Too much 'visual noise' is distracting. Limit desktop accessories to those you use regularly.
  4. In-box - Designate a container of your choice as a single collection point for all incoming action items. Once actioned they can be discarded, shredded or filed accordingly.
  5. Filing Systems - It should take minutes, nay seconds, to locate any document in your home office. If the system is non-existent or overly complex, the task will be near impossible. Take time to implement a clear system so all types of documents have a consistent home for quick retrieval.
  6. Finishing Touches - Function may be priority, but also think aesthetic and inspiring. Invest in comfortable, sturdy furniture and an Anglepoise desk lamp for good lighting. Place a few carefully chosen personal items, e.g. photos, awards, etc. Be selective. Add a healthy leafy plant to infuse life and vitality.
  7. Make it Routine - The key to organised living is daily maintenance. Assign 5-10 minutes each day returning everything in your office where it belongs, so you're always ready for next time.

Thanks to our organisational expert, Cory Cook, Organising & Time Management for sharing her expertise.


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