"Kicking Off" the new year with a feature in the Sun and Telegraph.

“It has really grown in the last few years,” says Yuda Galis, the founder of London-based personal chef services company Galor. “It is mainly Premier League footballers, although we do have others, like boxers, runners and dancers.”

It makes for a curious lifestyle for these highly-trained culinary experts, many of whom have spent their careers working slavishly in restaurants. The preferred choice for footballers, Galis says, is for the chef to work full-time for the sportsman’s family, to learn their dietary requirements and prepare the food in the client’s home.

These chefs therefore need to be of a certain character and possess the somewhat unique sort of charm that would endear them to a tired, hungry footballer and his young family. “It is very bespoke,” Galis says. “It is not just about sending any chef. They need to be discreet and private.”

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