Reasons You Need a Housekeeper

At Galor we have a full range of housekeepers to fit every home and family. We place housekeepers in full-time and part-time positions across London and countrywide.

Here are few reasons you need to hire a housekeeper:

Save your Marriage!

Don’t let something simple like house cleaning drive a wedge in your marriage. If you both have busy schedules, can’t agree on cleaning methods, or you simply don’t like to clean, hire a Housekeeper service to handle this task.

You want to get your life back

  • You only have so many hours in a day. Life however, refuses to acknowledge this unfortunate limitation.
  • A housekeeper gives you your life back – because your time is valuable.

Clean house is healthy house

By hiring a housekeeper, you can ensure that your home is as healthy as possible. Your housekeeper will have all of the supplies and knowledge necessary to prevent bacteria and germs from accumulating on surfaces. A housekeeping service will also vacuum and dust regularly to minimise your family’s exposure to allergens.

You don't like cleaning

Who does? Why waste your time and efforts doing something you're not good at, when you can have someone else do it? Your Housekeeper will keep your home tidy, neat, and ordered.

You need time to relax

Parents who work full time, raise children, workout at the gym, or are occupied with other obligations will not have the time or energy to do much of the cleanup. It will save their energy if they consult with a professional housekeeper to do the cleaning.

Improving the contents of your refrigerator and pantry

A housekeeper can dispose of expired foods and old produce, and replace them with fresh items. Stocking your pantry, as well as your supply closet. It’s also possible to hire a housekeeper who will plan menus and do the cooking too. A housekeeper will also manage the stocking of your other supplies, such as bathroom items, office supplies, and cleaning solutions.

Special occasions

Some households don’t require a regular housekeeper; they just need help getting ready for special occasions like engagement parties, weddings, birthday dinner parties, and other events.

Helping your parents

Many men and women today are taking care of their parents and grandparents, as they get older, helping them with various household tasks such as lawn care and cleaning. This detracts from the time that they can spend on their own homes or on leisure activities. Hiring a maid service can provide your parents or grandparents with top-notch cleaning, and you with a little down time.

Busy Toddler

A new baby in the house means lots of extra cleaning and laundry, more than exhausted new parents may be able to handle. A housekeeper can help pick up the slack while you get used to your new routine.

Tip for Spring Cleaning (Passover is coming soon!)

It's important to keep your fridge clean and tidy. Remove all food from the refrigerator – this will allow you to clean all the corners and crevices. Remove any fridge drawers or shelves. Wash them with warm soapy water. Then wipe down the surfaces that can't be removed on the inside with a sponge before putting shelves back in their place.


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