Full time Private chef

Location Surrey
Role Private/Personal Chefs
Salary £40K-£45 K annual

We are seeking a Chef for a large private residence in surrey close to Virginia water.

You will be catering for the family and staff.

The family consists of Mum, Dad and & two young children aged 3 and 6 years.

The staff consists of a Nanny who will dine with the children, two Gardeners, 3 Housekeepers, Chauffeur, Security guard and Estate manager.

A lunch should be provided for these staff as part of your daily routine.

The ideal candidate should demonstrate a passion for Thai cuisine, the family wish to follow a healthy diet and will rely on you to provide fresh good quality ingredients.

As well as Asian cuisine you must also take into account the tastes and preferences of the children too.

It will be your responsibility to source suppliers arrange accounts and delivery methods and manage a budget.

During the week:

Breakfast is served around 07:15 07:30 and is a simple meal for the family and can in the most part be prepared the evening before and served by the early shift Housekeeper. If we have guests however or at the principles request the Chef should be ready for breakfast service.

Lunch is served around 13:00 family and 12noon for staff.

The children’s bedtime is 19:30 so dinner would be before this. 18:00

At the weekend there is more freedom for the family so flexibility is needed.

The job could be live in or live out, however if you would prefer live out it should be close by.

An en suit room within a two bedroom staff flat the grounds of the estate would be available.

The working week would normally be 6 days per week for a live in position.

Salary would be negotiable and dependent on experience.

The family travel to there home in the south of France for Easter and summer and you would be expected to travel with them during these periods.

Driver is essential a non smoker preferred.

The salary is £40K-£45 K annual

This job is listed under the Private/Personal Chefs section of our jobs board.

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