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An athlete’s best tool is his/her body, and athletes in particular feel first-hand how diet can directly affect energy levels and performance. Whether they are fit football players or bulking bodybuilders, our professional chefs at Galor work directly with high-performing athletes to design performance-enhancing, nutritious meals that foster an athletic, sports-nutrition based lifestyle.

Galor’s chefs can provide healthier meal options and a balanced diet that is specific and pleasing to the athlete’s regime. Our private chefs offer personal culinary experiences, and Galor consistently meets the needs of top-performing athletes by providing the right kind of chef for the right kind of athlete.

Athletes recognise that both exercise and diet are crucial to successful athletic performance, which is why more and more turn to personalised chefs, like those at Galor, to help them optimise their overall health and reach their maximum, athletic potential.

Athletic diets are specific: between fuelling, hydrating, and powering the body, the need for calories is greater for an athlete. Men and women in sports know proper nutrition is the foundation for successful performance, and prefer healthy, culinary approaches to help them achieve it.

Personal chefs recognise that proper diets and athletic performance are directly correlated, and recognise what an athlete consumes is just as important as what happens in the gym and on the field. In addition to providing delicious and personalised meals, our personal chefs at Galor offer unique insights into the dietary needs of athletes.

Top Tip:

Feeling tired, even at the gym? Nutritious foods can help! Eating nutritious alternatives to sports drinks and unhealthy sugars before working out can get you feeling less groggy and help you get a jump-start on your day. 

Bananas – A nutrient-dense source of potassium, bananas are a natural option to help prevent muscle fatigue and additionally provide much needed electrolytes that fuel the body during workouts.

Salmon – rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids, salmon helps decrease inflammation and pain caused as a result of overworking the body during training sessions.

Eggs (both yolk and white) – dense in dietary protein, eggs are a natural source to help build muscles, nourish the body, and prevent muscle breakdown before workouts.

Raisins – natural antioxidants, raisins help minimize inflammation caused by overworked muscles and provide natural boosts of energy. 

Walnuts – another option as a source of inflammation-reducing omega-3 fatty acids, walnuts can additionally help with energy production, healing of tissue injuries, sprains, and bruises.




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