Time to BBQ

It looks like this Summer will be a great one, with lots of sun. What could be better than a garden BBQ with fabulous food and cold drinks to celebrate with style any event, or just being with friends and family. At galor our BBQ Chef will make the perfect party.

Galor Top Tips for the perfect BBQ

Temperature is key, the high heat of the BBQ ensures that the meat is sealed with all the juices inside. During the cook the less playing with the meat the better.

Use a tongs to turn the meat and avoid stabbing the meat with knives or forks.

Avoid putting the meat on the grill until the coals stop smoldering, the best time is when the coals are grey-white in colour.

Good BBQ meat needs to have a layer of fat on it. Lots of marbling helps the meat stay tender. When choosing your fillet of fish the rule is: nothing under 200g.

Never grill cold meet direct from the fridge, the meat should be at room temperature. This prevents shocking the meat.

Don't compromise on the quality of the meat, the roasting enhances the taste so when the meat is not of good quality the roasting will do it no favors!.


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