Good food offered with outstanding service

Good food offered with outstanding service and follow -up makes for a great experience for your clients.

Successful personal chefs combine their cooking talents and good service to create experience that their clients want to revisit many times.

Anticipate and address clients needs before they become problem. For the personal chef this communication is the dialog between the personal chef and the client as he as-determining the menu there should also be open communication through-
out the duration of this business relationship to ensure your clients consistent satisfaction with the service.

Customer service requires continuous feedback, evaluation and adjustment 

The hospitality attitude you possess as you provide this service helps differentiate you from those chefs still looking for customers

Remember: ,clients should be treated with respect with respect. stay composed, communicate, listen closely and then react. The assessment process is your chance to gather the knowledge needed to customize a menu and select meals that meet your clients choice of palate and dietary needs a restaurant simply cant do this. 

Do your homework before going on your initial visit.


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Specialist Indian cuisine private chef required

Fulham London.


Part Time Private Chef required.

Banbury, Oxfordshire


Personal chef for 2 days a week required.

Chelsea London


Private chef who specialises in vegetarian cooking needed.

Mayfair London


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