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It goes without saying that here at Galor we live and breathe everything food related. We love food, it is our passion and we pride ourselves on keeping on top of the food trends and fashions. It seems crazy to consider foods as fashionable but you can clearly see new trends starting off in the top restaurants and filtering down into our kitchens at home.

All of our chefs at Galor do not follow food fads for the sake of it but all do keep themselves up to date with what’s new in the food scene as well as the advice that comes through from the specialists. As scientific research keeps finding out more about new super foods or the negative effects of some food groups or cooking techniques, our chefs will ensure that it is reflected in their meal plans. We want you to enjoy your meals with us but we also want to ensure that it is healthy and delicious.

It isn’t just the foods that change in popularity, you can also see clear trends in different cuisines and these have an impact on what is being served in the best restaurants. One of the hot trends for 2016-17, as predicted by The Food People, is the rise of the influence of Central American cuisine.

Our Galor chefs pride themselves on their versatility and being able to cater for different tastes and cuisines. There hasn’t been a culinary challenge that we haven’t been able to meet yet. Here at Galor, we have you covered.


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